M. Kamal Rawtani (M.Kenny)

Chairman & Founder

A journey that began in 1993, when he moved to Africa. His very first step was to set up his own company, Kennys International.

A big name in the fashion industry who has left his mark on the fashion belt in 8 major African countries. His passion for fashion and travel has taken him all over the world, enriching his knowledge of new trends and other business dynamics.

His keen business sense and insight into deciphering changing trends and the next big thing helped him in the construction business as he honed his ambition to launch his own construction company called Sokerico in partnership with Mr. Ritesh Hemnani.

M. Ritesh Hemnani


Created Miles Travel, a travel agency, in 2008. Today, it’s a well-established name with a network of 17 locations in major African countries, as well as in Dubai and India.

Mr. Hemnani’s keen understanding of the corporate sector and recognition of the needs of business and leisure travelers have added great value to Miles Travel’s growth.

A frequent and meticulous traveler himself, he is an excellent advisor on smooth travel. His resilience and flexibility have enabled him to help with logistics, planning and management. In 2015, with the business acumen of Mr. Kamal Rawtani as a partner, saw the start of the construction company – Sokerico.


M. Arif Siddiqui


M. Ruddy Shutcha

Business Development &
  Corporate Relations Director

M. Sandeep Dige

Projects Manager